Comfort Cloths ... free shipping
Comfort Cloths ... free shipping

Comfort Cloths ... free shipping

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These rainbow 'Comfort Cloths' were created when my Mum started chemotherapy in October 2020.

They are ALWAYS rainbow, because Mum and I believe that rainbows spread joy.

Mum didn't like her head sticking to the recliner chair during Chemo and the hot sweaty feeling it gave her.

She asked if I could tie dye her a small piece of cloth to rest her head on.

These cloths now tell a story ... Every 3 weeks when Mum had chemo, I made her a new rainbow cloth.

After each chemo session, Mum would gift her tie dye cloth to another patient.

The smiles, the joy, and the sparkle in both Mum, the nursing staff, and the other patient's eye as the cloths were lovingly handed on was a moment shared by the entire room.

If I can spread just the smallest amount of love and comfort through these rainbow comfort cloths, then that warms my heart too.

Mum sadly lost her battle in July 2021, but her spirit of giving and caring lives on through these comfort cloths.

Choose to hold onto it, or choose to gift it to someone who needs a smile, and some comfort ... it's up to you.


Cloths are ...

  • made from 100% cotton
  • hand dyed
  • Approx. 75cm long x 55cm wide
  • free shipping