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The 'Kelli' Tie Dye Doona

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My 'Kelli' Doona sings to your heart.
If you love Rainbows, this is perfect for you!!!

The 'Kelli' is a feast for your eyes ... You'll get lost in her beauty for hours!
There's so many intricate elements in Kelli, that you just won't know where to explore first.
She will be a beautiful addition to any bedroom.
She captures all of your emotions in her Rainbow Sherbet Fizz design ... this design is full of many complex elements that come together to create a magnificent beauty.

On the other side of this doona, is the always captivating and exciting Jellybean.
The Jellybean is a mandala design encompassing both flowers and star like features.
She truly is a tie dye masterpiece.
The 'Kelli' Doona is available in all sizes, and includes 2 matching pillow slips.
All doona covers are in Australian sizes.
Please read the dimensions carefully as no refunds, or exchange will be given for choosing the wrong size.
Super King – 270 x240cm
King – 240 x 210cm
Queen – 210 x 210cm
Double (King Single) – 180 x 210cm
Single – 140 x 210cm
Pillow slips - 70 x 52cm
All doona's are hand tied and dyed individually, therefore they will all have slight differences. They'll never be exactly the same, but they will always be uniquely amazing!!!
*Due to many variables including but not limited to; temperature, ice volume and speed of melting and fabric content, all finished products will be slightly different. I'm unable to replicate any design exactly. I can fold, and add dye the same as the chosen design creating a very similar outcome which will become its own unique and stunning statement piece.*