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The 'Cindy' Tie Dye Doona

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My 'Cindy' Doona cover is all things gorgeous & STUNNING!!!!

The 'Cindy' will warm your heart ... add a twinkle to your eye and a smile to your lips.

Not to mention become a piece of art in your home.

She will be a beautiful addition to your bedroom, or to that very special family member or friend that you want to spoil.

She captures the FUN & JOY in the Rainbow Lollipop design, then she warms your heart and calms your mind with the Sherbet Fizz design in turquoise & purple.

She truly is magnificent.

The 'Cindy' Doona is available in all sizes, and includes 2 matching pillow slips.

Order yours NOW!!!! And soon be dreaming the sweetest of dreams.

*Due to many variables including but not limited to; temperature, ice volume and speed of melting and fabric content, all finished products will be slightly different. I'm unable to replicate any design exactly. I can fold, and add dye the same as the chosen design creating a very similar outcome which will become its own unique and stunning statement piece.*